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5 December 2022by Grant Mundy0

As a Kung Fu instructor and health fanatic, I get a lot of people telling me they just want to know what they should be eating each day to be “healthy”. These people aren’t looking to bulk up for a weight lifting competition or carb load for a marathon… they just want to know how to be healthy and follow a balanced diet.

Well, guess what!? I’ve got your back. I’ve written a diet plan just for you. No, I don’t calculate macros – why? Because I’m a father, a uni student, I work, and frankly… I have better things to do. But I do ensure all my meals are nutrient-dense, I ensure I’m consuming plenty of healthy fats, lean proteins, a ton of veggies and plenty of water every day. 

If you have particular goals to reach, count those macros baby! But if you’re a busy mother with exams looming and work deadlines chewing your butt… meh. Here is a 4-day meal plan full of delicious meal ideas for you to play with. Most of the time I’ll have the same breakfast and lunch for a few days in a row – whatever tickles your fancy, go with it!


Breakfast: Chia pudding with a dollop of yoghurt, berries and muesli.

Lunch: Shredded chicken and salad wrap (Salad should be a rainbow!) Some healthy examples include spinach, carrot, beetroot, mushrooms, tomatoes etc.)

Dinner: Crispy skin salmon fillet with steamed broccoli and (baked) sweet potato fries.

Snacks: Bliss balls, a handful of nuts and seeds, herbal tea

Kung Fu 4 day meal plan



Breakfast: Protein smoothie with loads of berries. 

Lunch: Bowl of sautéed asparagus and broccolini topped with a small amount of parmesan cheese, crushed almonds and a sprinkle of salt, served with sliced avocado.

Dinner: Potato, cauliflower and leek soup served with nice, dense, nutritious bread.

Snacks: Bliss balls, a handful of nuts and seeds, piece of fruit, herbal tea.

Kung Fu 4 day meal plan



Breakfast: Overnight oats served with a dollop of yoghurt, fresh berries, muesli, cacao nibs and chia seeds. 

Lunch: Chicken and mango salad 

Dinner: Full-loaded fries (potato and sweet potato fries… baked… topped with parmesan cheese, de-seeded, chopped tomatoes, smashed avocado and aioli dressing)

Snacks: Bliss balls, a handful of nuts and seeds, herbal tea.


Kung Fu 4 day meal plan



Breakfast: Scrambled eggs on sourdough bread with tomato, avocado and sautéed mushroom and onion.

Lunch: Buddha bowl (see image below).

Dinner: Lamb cutlets with steamed veggies or a salad of your choice.

Snacks: Bliss balls, a handful of nuts and seeds, fruit, herbal tea.

Kung Fu 4 day meal plan

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to take your health and well-being to another level, why not get involved in Martial Arts? At Wu Xing Dao Kung Fu, we take a holistic approach to Martial Arts. It’s not just about learning self-defence and punching and kicking, it’s also about self-discipline, health and nutrition.

After you have enrolled in martial art classes, we take time to help you understand the different types of martial arts and the various life skills that come with them. This allows you to make an informed decision when choosing the martial arts style you would like to learn. We ensure that every trainee learns how to defend themselves effectively as well as enjoy the many other health benefits that martial arts offer.

Please call us today on 0410 249 217 or leave a message and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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