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17 May 2022by Grant Mundy0

Did you know that the martial arts industry generates over $5 billion worth of revenue per year with over 80,559 businesses in the US alone? And why not, self-defense is a concept that we can all relate to. 

Whether we need to defend ourselves from armed attackers, thieves, domestic abuse, or animals, anticipatory self-defence is a survival skill. Apart from backing us in real fights, martial arts also present a means to self-improvement. They teach discipline, courage, respect, honour, and integrity. 

Here are different types of self-defence martial arts:

What are Martial Arts for Self-Defence?

Martial arts came about as a means of survival in clashes between humanity and animals and different tribes of humanity. Today, different cultures have different martial arts styles which aid in self-defence. These are systems of combat and traditions that have been passed down for generations. 

Martial arts are also practised for law enforcement, competition, and military purposes. They are also excellent recreation activities that aid in physical, spiritual, and mental development. 

Some martial arts styles include Karate, the Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Tae-kwon-do, Kung fu, Muay Tai, Wing Chun, MMA, and many others. Here is a deeper explanation of some effective martial art styles for self-defence:

• Taekwondo

This hails from Korea and was invented by martial artists, army officials, and Choi Hong Hi. It is based on the theory of power which gravitates towards Newtonian physics. 

For example, one fundamental principle is that the force of a hit increases quadratically with speed but only linearly with the mass of the moving object. Consequently, muscle mass isn’t as important as speed.

• Combat Sambo

Sambo is a Russian martial art that was created in the Soviet Union in the 1920s to help the Russian military improve their hand-to-hand combat skills. It stands for SAMozashchita Bez Oruzhiya (meaning “self-defence without weapons”). 

Consequently, sambo includes wrestling, grappling, throws, clinches, kicking, blows, and many other techniques. While Sambo in itself does not stand out, the fact that it is used in Russian military training, one of the strongest in the world, makes it special. 

• Karate

This hails from Japan and is one of the most well-known martial arts styles. It includes some great punches, elbow strikes, kicks, and blocks. 

Though it focuses on combat and self-defence, it continues outside the studio, where students embrace qualities like discipline and respect in both their daily lives and their martial arts practice.

• Kung Fu 

Yet another popular style that has gained its glory from TV films featuring icons like Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li, this one hails from China. Kung Fu is an umbrella term covering many different styles of fighting styles found in China. 

It utilises open and closed hand strikes, kicks, and blocks. Some kung fu training also features joint locks and throw knowledge. 

Best Martial Arts for Self-Defence

• Judo 

This is now an Olympic sport in many parts of the world like Australia but it has its roots in Sumo (Japan). It is a type of ground fighting that combines jujutsu and elements of mental discipline. 

That said, to overcome an opponent, you have to lift and throw them onto their backs and then leverage their strength against them. While pinned down, other techniques like chokehold and joint locks also come into play until the opponent submits.

• Muay Thai

This is also known as Thai boxing and is renowned as Thailand’s national sport. It is a full-contact sport in which competitors use punching, cinching and kicking tactics, as well as grappling, to overcome their opponents. Striking your opponent involves both physical and mental discipline. 

• Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 

This is a ground fighting grappling technique that involves the use of chokeholds and joint locks. It promotes the idea that with appropriate technique and leverage, a smaller person may successfully defend themselves against a bigger, stronger, and heavier adversary. As such, it’s considered superior as it teaches martial artists how to properly defend against a larger opponent.

Top 3 Most Effective Martial Arts for Self-Defense

1. Krav Maga 

This is the national martial art of Israel. It incorporates elements from different martial arts, including Karate’s striking art i.e. kicks, and knee techniques, Jujutsu’s grappling and ground fighting, and classic boxing punches. Krav Maga is common in special police forces and security agencies. 

It is considered one of the best styles for self-defence for one reason: it is a violent type of martial art. Wrestling, karate, and boxing, all combined to yield a militarised Mixed martial art (MMA). 

It also incorporates activities like gun-and-knife defence. Perhaps the best part of all is that it’s easy to master and learn since it is based on the natural reactions of the body in dangerous situations like street fights. 

2. Silat

Silat is a Southeast Asian martial art that is regarded as one of the deadliest in the world. It entails dance-like gestures that appear innocent but serve as the foundation for an intense fighting style.

It features the breaking of limbs, balance manipulation, and spell-binding strikes. It also features grappling, groundwork, and weapons. Yes, you heard that right, weapons. This makes Silat incredibly dangerous. Even when faced with multiple attackers, Silat will fill even the toughest man with fear.

3. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

MMA fighting has recently gained popularity, particularly as a self-defence technique. It is regarded as superior because it combines the greatest aspects of other forms of martial arts. 

MMA fighters are therefore equipped with a diverse set of styles and techniques to use when fighting. From grappling to standup combat and ground-and-pound fighting, nothing is left behind. 

Which Martial Art Should I Learn for Self Defence?

All of the martial arts mentioned above are excellent for developing self-defence skills. It’s now up to you to determine which martial art (or combination of martial arts) is ideal for your objectives. 

Are you in a harsh environment and would like to train for anticipatory self-defence? Do you want to improve your dexterity? How much time are you willing to put in? All these are factors to consider before deciding which one suits you best. 

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