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Parents and Teen Class

We have launched a new class for teenagers and parents on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 5pm, for Students who would like to train alongside their Dad or Mum, a great way to share in a common interest, and enjoy quality time together!

The best Pre-Workout stretches

For those who may be new to the concept of static or dynamic stretching, here is an explanation of the differences, and the reasons why we feel that dynamic stretching is the safer option before engaging in sports or fitness activities.

5 Common Exercise Mistakes

When embarking on any journey, the most important lesson I have learned is to come prepared. Nothing spells disaster more quickly than setting out on a three day hike through bush land without a map, a good sense of direction or a supply of toilet paper, as anyone who has wiped their bum with leaves will tell you

Martial Arts Demonstration Day – 17th July 2021: 10am – 2pm

To celebrate FIVE YEARS our School has been open on the Central Coast, we are holding a free event at our school in Wyoming, our Martial Arts Demonstration Day, which will be held on Saturday the 17th of July 2021.

Four Tips to Stay Focused on YOUR Fitness Journey

If you don't set yourself (realistic) goals, you are basically wandering aimlessly through your fitness journey, wondering what on earth you're doing, right?

We are a COVID-19 Safe Environment

The tragic effect the Global Pandemic has had on so many lives since it began in 2020 is something I am sure none of us will ever forget, with over 1 million deaths worldwide the devastating nature and prolific spread of the virus that is so easily transmitted shook the very foundation of what our society once took for granted.