MMA Classes In Wyoming, Central Coast

Are you looking to improve your fitness levels in a fun and more practical manner? Do you want to improve your self-defence skills by improving your fighting skills? Do want to start your journey in combat fighting? If this sounds like you, signing up for our MMA classes is an excellent first step! We offer MMA classes in Wyoming designed to take students from a novice level in MMA to an advanced-level MMA fighter. We have quality facilities and personnel, ensuring our students have a conducive environment to advance their combat skills.

Mixed Martial Arts Classes

At Wu Xing Dao, we offer Mixed Martial Arts Central Coast classes that are optimised to help students learn the different striking and grappling techniques while improving the student’s fitness levels. We incorporate full contact sparring while keeping participants safe. Our goal is to ensure our students can apply the skills they learn every day intuitively and fluidly.

Our Mixed Martial classes take students through the different forms, styles, and techniques of fighting. We take students through Brazilian Jui Justu, Muay Thai boxing, boxing, wrestling, and much more. A personal trainer will tailor the training to meet your specific needs. Additionally, your personal trainer will help you track your progress as you learn new fighting skills and incorporate them into your skillset.

What is MMA or Mixed Martial Arts?

Mixed Martial Arts, also known as MMA is a combat sport that allows participants to deploy a wide variety of fighting skills and techniques drawn from a variety of combat sports such as boxing, Jui-Jitsu, karate, wrestling, kickboxing, judo, kung fu and taekwondo. As a full-contact combat sport, the rules allow competitors to use both grappling and striking arts and techniques while standing or on the ground. 

Brief History of Mixed Martial Arts

MMA has been in existence in different forms as far back as Ancient China. For instance, a form of Leitai in Ancient China is a no-holds-barred mixed-discipline combat sport that allows participants to use wrestling and boxing techniques. In Ancient Greece, MMA existed in the form of pankration, a combat sport that featured striking and grappling skills, akin to what we have in modern-day MMA. Pankration featured in the 33rd Olympics of 648 BC. 

The modern precursor of MMA include savate in France, catch wrestling in Europe, Sambo in Russia, and Bartitsu. In a nutshell, no-holds-barred combat sport existed in different forms across many parts of the world including America, Europe, Pacific Rim, and Japan. 

However, the modern MMA arose from a confluence of different no-holds-barred fighting scenes. Modern MMA is heavily influenced by Brazilian Jui Jitsu, Hong Kong’s street fighting, vale tudo fights, and Japanese professional wrestling.  

The popularity of MMA has grown with the rise in popularity and the marketing effort driven by the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC). The UFC is home to most of the top-rated MMA fighters and is a leading league for combat sports. The participation of global combat fighting stars from across the world has attracted viewership from many different countries.

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