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Coffee drinkers raise your coffee cups in praise! I am about to justify your love of that deliciously aromatic, brown, swirling cup of pure sunshine you hold in your rapidly warming hands…

Let’s go through 5 fun facts that you could potentially throw someone’s way if they try to tell you coffee is bad for you…

1. Many epidemiological studies have shown that moderate coffee consumption may be beneficial in preventing many chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and liver disease.

2. There have also been many studies which have not found coffee to negatively impact cardiovascular health.

3. The conclusion that coffee contributes to extended life span has been pretty consistent across most studies.

4. Coffee consumption appears to have protective effects against neurodegenerative diseases, liver disease and some cancers.

5. Coffee contains antioxidants such as chlorogenic acid which can help prevent metabolic syndrome and thus reduces the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

There are of course certain populations which should avoid coffee such as children, pregnant women and women who are at risk of fracture.

Of course if you experience negative effects such as anxiety and palpitations – probably best to avoid it. However, if you don’t fall into these categories then enjoy 1 or 2 ups of coffee a day with the knowledge you’re doing your body proud! (But don’t forget to hydrate with water!)

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