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Martial ArtsDo Martial Arts Make You Stronger?

29 February 2024by Grant Mundy0


Martial arts undoubtedly make you stronger both physically but more importantly mentally. And I think that’s the key that most people will get out of martial arts.

A lot of people think of martial arts it’s all about fighting, but it really isn’t there is an essence of combat of course we are learning self-defence, and we’re learning tangible ways to protect ourselves from potential threat but the most important thing you can do to improve your strength is improve the strength of your mind.

It’s so easy to feel distracted, to be complacent we all want to give up at some point in time, and we all get lazy and that’s myself included. Nobody’s immune to that, but having something that you can go to two or three times a week or practice daily even if it’s for 15 to 20 minutes, it gives you that sense of purpose. It gives you that drive and I think it builds your mental strength and of course your physical body grows very strong in time. 

And in fact the inspiration I drew from that learning from watching things like the Shaolin Monks, the physical feats that you can achieve through training martial arts will blow most people’s minds.

I’m thinking you can get hit with a sledgehammer without taking a major injury. You can snap 100 millimetre pine poles, they’re used for construction with your bare body. You can smash concrete with your bare hands. You can do things that most people wouldn’t believe possible, and most people wouldn’t even try. 

Now, I’m not advocating that you should try that without a lot of practice and a lot of focus and determination. They’re all skill that I’ve accomplished in my lifetime and can demonstrate as well.


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