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18 April 2023by Grant Mundy0

There are more than 400 different styles of Chinese martial arts. That’s another thing that you have to understand is that the word ‘Kung Fu’ actually doesn’t mean martial arts. It actually means attaining a high level of skill through hard work. 

Obviously, popularising in Western society, we take ‘Kung Fu’ the term and we use that for explanation of Chinese martial arts, but the real name of martial arts in Chinese culture is Wushu, and that’s why a lot of modern schools are named as a Wushu Centre. 

In terms of the styles that we practice here, we practice Tai Chi, which is also known for its wonderful health benefits and is very popular as a moving meditation practice, but I can assure you it’s also an effective internal martial art.

We train Bagua, which is the Eight Trigram Palm. We train Meihua, which is known as the Plum Blossom Fist, and Mian Quan, which is continuous fist and the first style that you’ll learn as a part of that practice.

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