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30 November 2021by Grant Mundy0

One of the most effective Chinese Internal Martial Arts, the incredible power, speed and conditioning methods of Mian Quan needs to be seen to be believed!

Mian Quan (translated as “Continuous Fist” or “Cotton Fist”) is a northern Chinese martial arts style which most likely originated in the province of Hebei. There is no definite known creator or origin of the style.

This style is as unique as it is mysterious in Chinese Traditional Martial Arts, in that the focus is not based on practising forms.

This style instead utilises dynamic free flowing movement and simple combat techniques, which generate explosive internal power or ‘fajin’.

The power released during movement is audible from across the room, and is testament to the internal energy generation that this style is famous for. The force of a practitioners strike can penetrate muscle tissue even from a very short range, and cause internal damage to an opponent.

The style is named Continuous Fist or Cotton Fist, as the theory for this system is that defence becomes attack, and softness turns to hardness, with the practitioner’s attacks intercepting the opponent’s, redirecting their advance before responding in kind.

Sensitivity training or ‘feeling drills’ help a practitioner gain the upper hand during combat, and set up the opponent for a harder, more dominant array of strikes, that flow effortlessly in a non-stop barrage, until the confrontation is over.

Mian Quan benefits from unpredictability, as a practitioner is able to block or strike in an infinite number of ways, creating an instinctive ability to apply techniques, naturally and automatically.

Mian Quan practitioners are also comfortable fighting at an extremely close range, which is often unsettling to opponents who prefer to fight at a distance.

Combining rapid footwork and instinctive reflexes, an expert in Mian Quan can easily close the distance, nullifying an attacker’s advance, and overwhelming them with sheer speed and ferocity.

The Conditioning programs of Mian Quan are also a big part of the effectiveness of the style, in regards to effective combat and self-defence.

Mian Quan incorporates simple techniques to pressurise the body, making it very effective in protecting against impact and injury.

Steel Body shows the intimidating skills a practitioner can master, and temper the body to be able to take incredible impact, without sustaining injury.

The best way to describe what it feels like to strike a practitioner of Steel Body is by to trying to kick a car tyre.

The sort of resilient strength and rebound effect you experience is similar to what you encounter when you make contact with an exponent of Steel Body. The force of the blow rebounds with multiplied force upon the attacker, sometimes injuring the attacking limb

When combined with Steel Hand Technique that greatly increases the density of the hands, transforming the sinews, tendons and soft tissue, making them far less susceptible to injury, in turn forging ‘weapons’ capable of inflicting incredible force, it makes a Mian Quan a formidable system.

These conditioning methods are able to be completed without the use of special balms or liniments to repair injury or internal bruising, making it more effective that programs like Iron Palm.

Mian Quan also includes a program called the ‘Lightning System’, so named, as once a practitioner masters the skills trained in this system, they can move at such an incredible speed that it is difficult for the naked eye to track, even for experienced Martial Artists.

Lightning is a complete combat program that is trained over a six month period, and involves personal one on one instruction, twice per week, for the course duration.

The reason for the systems effectiveness is that it teaches a practitioner how to move from their physical centre or ‘Dantian’, developing the muscular structure of this area, and allowing them to throw strikes with zero ‘telegraphing’, from almost any angle imaginable.

This provides an often unfair advantage in combat, and makes the practitioner of Lightning System a difficult adversary to compete with.

Given the nature of the training and difficulty of mastering the practice, it is reserved for only the most dedicated of students, and is available only on assessment and approval of Master Instructor and founder of Wu Xing Dao, Marko Vesse.

Lightning System is considered the highest level of achievement in Mian Quan Kung Fu, and as such is a highly guarded secret, handed down to very few. The training can take a student to a level of mastery that will allow them to evolve so significantly, that they can begin to make their own unique contributions to the art of Kung Fu.

Mian Quan is a great foundation for any martial art, and is extremely effective for self-defence.

If you want to learn more about the Mian Quan style of Kung Fu, please call us today on 0410 249 217 or leave a message and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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