I’ve tried several types of martial arts and have always felt uncoordinated and uncomfortable. My 7 year old daughter and I been training with Grant for over a year now and we have both already improved so much and grown so much more confident in ourselves, because Grant is such a fantastic teacher. I don’t feel awkward or silly, he’s taught us both to be strong and know our strengths and embrace them.

He’s so great with kids. My only regret is not putting my daughter in to class sooner – I feel that for girls, learning how to defend oneself is as important as swimming lessons these days unfortunately, so I’m glad my daughter enjoys coming to class so much. I couldn’t recommend Grant any more 


I have been training with Grant for about 2 years now and I am so glad to have found him. He has taught me many skills and styles that i will carry for the rest of my life.

He has a deep understanding of the arts and has helped me grow into the person I am today. I would recommend Wu Xing Dao Kung Fu to anyone that wishes to gain an understanding of martial arts to better improve their lifestyle and learn self defence.


I highly recommend Wu Xing Dao Kung Fu for everyone, Grant is an amazing teacher and has taught my son many lessons over the past two years, his overall well being has improved since practicing Kung Fu, it is fun and also has a cultural/mystical element that is very compelling.

My son has learnt patience, discipline, respect, co-ordination, fitness, cooperation and many more skills, all whilst having fun too.

It is a wonderful discipline to learn and Grant is a great Master.



I was nervous to start learning a martial art as an adult, with no previous experience at all, but Wu Xing Dao Kung Fu was such a welcoming and amazing community from the start.

Everyone is so friendly and Grant is a fantastic and patient master, encouraging you to develop at your own pace, and keeping every lesson different and exciting!

Even just a few weeks in my reflexes, my circulation, my fitness and my general well being had improved insanely. Love it, can’t stop talking about it – highly recommend anyone to give it a go!


I trained in Wu Xing Dao under Sifu Grant for over a year, before reluctantly leaving the area for work commitments. I have searched for a similar martial arts school / teacher ever since, and after trying over a dozen can honestly say that nothing in Sydney or Brisbane rival Wu Xing Dao with Grant.

The training is challenging and fulfilling, the fitness gains are real, and the atmosphere is fun, friendly and supportive. Sifu Grant is an excellent teacher in martial arts, with a deep understanding of the underlying mechanics and purpose behind each and every movement. I cannot recommend Wu Xing Dao Kung Fu more highly. If there were enough hours in the day, I would commute from Brisbane to keep training with Sifu Grant. 


I started with Grant about 2 years ago now and i am absolutely loving it. My fast paced progression and what I have learnt in the 2 short years with Grant far surpasses the 13+ years from other styles hands down. I have spent most of my life training on and off in many different styles of martial arts, but training with Grant has made me realise what i was missing in those other styles.

I love the holistic approach he has, its so much more than just fighting, physical and mental fitness. He is helping my grow as a man in all areas of my life. Grants teaching abilities and humility is of the highest quality I have come across. Highly recommended for men and women of all ages!



My children have been training with Grant for over a year and they love their Kung Fu days!

It’s such a warm and friendly environment, where kids have fun but also learn great life skills.

My daughter has grown from timid to powerful and my son has grown in maturity and responsibility.

Highly recommended!!!


I stumbled across Wu Xing Dao Kung fu in Wyoming 2 years ago. After training in various martial over the last 15 years I had become bored with training.

Training at Wu Xing Dao has reignited my passion for martial arts. The training is of a very high standard and concentrates on both internal aspects of martial arts as well as the external aspects of self defence and fitness.

I highly recommend this school for both the absolute beginner and also for advanced martial artists


I have been doing Wu Xing Dao since November last year and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. It’s such a fun and enjoyable environment, everyone is super nice, and I have learnt so many new skills that I never new about.

My health has improved so much since starting, and my reflexes and reaction time have also gotten better. The training we do is realistic and also very effective, if I was ever in a situation where I would need to use self defence, I would feel a lot more relaxed and confident. Would 100% recommend to anyone interested in martial arts.



Being a bit older and having had a good few lazy years away from any training, Wu Xing Dao was a great way back.

Thoughtful training eased me back in with a minimum of fuss.

Add to that great people to train with (I’ve attended a few different classes) and a friendly, inclusive culture that increases the confidence/courage to go that extra mile… 


I have been with this school for almost 3 years now and it still surprises as well as challenges me.

It has set a new goal and practice in my life that I am proud to say I will gladly continue. The people you train with are amazing as they constantly set the bar higher each lesson.

Grant Mundy is an amazing teacher, has earned his respect from his students and is looked up to by a lot of people.

I highly recommend giving it a go, there is something in this for everyone.


My three children joined Kung Fu with Grant about a year ago,

They enjoy every lesson, and they would be there every day if they could.

It is not only about martial arts but is about feeling confident and in control, respecting one another, and learning values that are necessary, especially for teenagers.

Thank you Grant !



I have seen a lot of Martial Arts since I began training 30 years ago.

Wu Xing Dao is unique in so many ways.

A high level of ability is attainable in a short time.

The depth of this system is truly limitless.

Amazing and so interesting, not just a workout etc.


Walking in to a welcoming, very humble and most friendly environment was the first impression.

Basic to the most advanced self defence in the world.

From simple to challenging technique.

Whether you’re 5 or 75+ years old, Central Coast Wu Xing Dao will be one of the best experiences of your life.


Ever since Master Mundy started to teach me Qi Gong and Wu Xing Dao Kung Fu both my health and my son San’s health have vastly improved, my knees which have previously been weak and painful now feel strong and fit.

San has struggled his entire life with Asthma, however since training in Little Dragons Kung Fu he has made significant improvements too, he is sick far less often and does not run out of breath when playing as much as he used to.

Also the school environment feels so friendly and connected with all of the students, which is unusual. Highly recommended.


My partner and I have been training with Grant for a long time now.

He is truly an amazing teacher and martial artist. He is a natural teacher and the training sessions are always valuable.

Sessions are a great mix of fitness, self defence/attack techniques, mental training, physical strength and mobility training. This will benefit anyone who chooses to incorporate this into their lives.

Thanks for everything Grant