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5 January 2023by Grant Mundy0

Qigong is a practice. It’s fantastic for helping to calm your mind, especially if you’re a stressed person. You’ve got a fast-paced lifestyle, you’ve got kids, you’ve got a hard-working job, long hours, it really helps to destress.

It also helps to regulate your blood flow and circulation. We all have parts of our bodies that feel stagnant. We get tired, particularly if we’re sitting down for a job all day.  It can help alleviate muscle cramps, those sorts of things, and improve blood flow and circulation.

It helps improve balance and coordination, particularly in older people. As we get older and more sedentary, we tend to be less physical, and harder physical things may be just too difficult for someone to achieve, particularly if you have been sedentary for a period of time.

We’ve got people training with us as old as 80 years old. In fact, one of our older students at 82, but by doing regular qigong practice and breathing, he’s able to move about nimbly and still does not require walking aids to get around. So it can be really helpful for just your general life expectancy and I guess quality of life.

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