RECIPE: Betroot and Haloumi Salad

Updated: Jul 19

A healthy and delicious salad perfect for a Summer lunch


- 1/2 a red onion, thinly sliced

- 2 oranges, 1 sliced into segments, the other juiced.

- 2 cooked beetroots, chopped

- 80g of halloumi, thinly sliced

- 80g pomegranate seeds

- 3-4 big handfuls of rocket leaves

- 3tbs pumpkin seeds


1. Fry the halloumi for about 30-40 seconds each side, then set aside.

2. Pour the orange juice into a bowl with the sliced onions and stir in pomegranate seeds.

3. Place the rocket leaves into a salad bowl, then top with the chopped beetroot, onions, orange segments, pomegranate "dressing" and the halloumi.

4. Garnish with pumpkin seeds and serve.

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