Wu Xing Dao Adult classes are on each evening from Monday to Thursday, for students 12 years and older, and cater for all fitness levels.


Our internal Kung Fu program focuses on all aspects of Martial Arts, covering simple and effective self defence techniques, sparring, weapons training, forms, conditioning, stretching, and developing internal energy, known as Qi.


This holistic approach will help you to improve your overall health, circulation, balance, coordination and reaction time.


Regardless of your current health and fitness level, we tailor the training to ensure your skills develop at a pace you are comfortable with, and we always practice in a safe and supportive environment.

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Little Dragons


Little Dragons classes are on Tuesday's and Thursday's at 4.00pm. These classes are for children from 4 years to 12 years old, of any fitness level.


Martial Arts are a great way to introduce children to physical and mental skills that assist in all aspects of their life. We all know how important focus, discipline and social skills are to a child's development, in addition to being healthy. 


We focus on team work and inclusion in every lesson to build confidence, and help students develop together. 


We are confident you will find our training environment great for bringing out the best in your child, and that with time and practice you will see huge leaps in their awareness, and interactions with others.

Wu Xing Dao - Little Dragons April 2019-

Qigong literally means 'Energy Work' and has been a integral part of Chinese culture for thousands of years. Classes are on Thursday's at 6.00pm.


Qigong practice is a gentle and low impact exercise that helps to develop internal awareness of our bodies energetic system, relaxes muscles and relieves stress, and improves balance, blood flow and oxygen circulation. 


Regular practice will greatly improve your health, release stagnant energy and assist in improving cognitive function.


More and more western society is becoming aware of eastern practices such a Yoga, Qigong and Tai Chi, and many scientific studies are starting to document the myriad of health benefits they offer.