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Our Internal martial arts classes are aimed at developing both physical and mental skills for character enrichment and personal development and are at the heart of everything we do. 

In order to create the perfect environment for our students, our Kung Fu classes include face to face training and an online martial arts program, to further support growth even when a student can’t make it in person to train. 

We offer martial arts lessons for parents and teens, adults only classes, and small group private sessions for the most dedicated students.

Experience authentic traditional Chinese martial arts and learn how to become physically and mentally stronger than you ever imagined possible.

When you think Kung Fu Central Coast, we want Wu Xing Dao to be the only martial arts school you consider. 

That is why we offer a free trial for every prospective new member, as we are confident that once you see what our Kung Fu academy can offer, you will never look back!

What Is Internal Kung Fu?

The words Kung Fu literally mean ‘skill acquired through effort’ or as I prefer to phrase it ‘pursuing perfection through practice’.

Internal styles are classified as Internal Kung Fu because they emphasise working not only the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the body but just as importantly, breathing, postural alignment, relaxation, mind intent and focus, as well as Qigong and Meditation practices for a healthy mind and body. 

One of the basic concepts of the internal Kung Fu technique is to be able to transfer whole body power through touch or a strike. This is very different from simply throwing punches or kicks, which you see with most pugilistic arts. A quality internal stylist can receive incoming force and redirect it into the ground, thereby dissipating it, or alternatively transfer the force back on the attacker, causing them potential injury.

A great advantage of Internal Kung Fu classes is that regardless of an individual’s size, strength, or physical traits, they can develop a high level of internal power, ‘evening the playing field’ against a more imposing opponent. 

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If you are looking for an authentic Kung Fu School, with a passionate Head Instructor who has more than 20 years of experience in Internal Martial Arts, dedicated Kung Fu classes for kids, teens and adults that have content designed specifically for each individual age group, and a fun, supportive, family-friendly environment, Wu Xing Dao Kung Fu is for you.

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Internal Kung Fu Classes FAQs

This is a difficult question to answer as it all depends on the individual. Wu Xing Dao offers accelerated methods of learning due to the unique nature of the training, in that prospective new students are taught from their very first lesson how to develop internal power.


Having said that, like any practice worth pursuing, the more effort you put into learning, the faster your results and progression. Kung Fu literally means ‘skill acquired through great effort’, and most practitioners soon learn that the deeper you delve into the practice, the more you discover that there is to learn.


I like to think of Kung Fu not as a martial art, but as a way of life, a practice that is a part of everything I do. This mindset has helped me in every aspect of my life, as no matter how challenging things become, the resilience and determination I have developed from my many years of martial arts practice has helped me to overcome these difficulties and be successful in everything set out to accomplish.

Wu Xing Dao has a variety of membership options to make learning Kung Fu possible, regardless of your budget. We offer once per week, twice per week, or unlimited lesson structures and private lessons are available for those who need additional support or one to one instruction


When compared to the prices of other Kung Fu classes in Sydney, or other martial arts schools in the local area, our prices are very competitive.


We offer free classes initially to introduce you to our training methods, and ensure that our school is a good fit based on your needs before you make the commitment to joining our school.


We recommend contacting us via our web page so we can have a chat and determine what your goals are, and how we can support you in starting your martial arts journey so that we can find the right membership option to suit your available time and budget.

Our classes vary greatly as there are many aspects involved in becoming a proficient martial artist, but you can expect to start your lesson with a gentle warm-up, then basic techniques including footwork, various strikes and defensive methods, partner drills to improve coordination and reaction time, internal energy cultivation methods, fitness activities to improve your cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility exercises to improve range of motion and help muscular recovery, and breathing techniques to cool down and centre yourself before finishing the lesson.


Our kids’ Kung Fu classes have a curriculum that focuses on teamwork and social skills as well as the basics of self-defence, our Teens program continues this methodology but introduces more mature aspects of training, including the dangers of using martial arts techniques and the ramifications of causing someone physical injury in an altercation, and our Adults classes expand even further, and delve into aspects of internal awareness, mind and body cultivation, and the spiritual aspects of Kung Fu.

Kung Fu is a profoundly deep practice that can take a lifetime to learn and master. Although it is possible to develop a foundation in martial arts without the guidance of an instructor, having a watchful eye of an experienced practitioner who can quickly see flaws in your technique, and provide real-time feedback and corrections to ensure you are progressing quickly, is definitely a good idea.


Wu Xing Dao provides a number of online courses that will help teach the basics of martial arts, as well as video tutorials for existing members who are looking to improve their technique or to memorise various forms and exercises in-between lessons, but nothing can compare to instruction in person.

I am often asked this question, and although I am biased due to my long history with Kung Fu, I started my martial arts journey at the age of 7, learning Hapkido, and have also trained in other combat styles including Boxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu. 


In my opinion, all martial arts styles have the capacity to teach self-defence techniques; however what I found missing in all of the other styles I practised was the holistic approach to training, which I found in Kung Fu practice.


Kung Fu encompasses so much more than just fighting strategies; it trains you to unify your mind, body and spirit as one, encouraging you to cultivate internal awareness through breathing, meditation and free-flowing movement and to use this inner harmony to improve every part of your life. 


I find that I am calmer, more focused and able to deal with difficult life challenges, juggling two jobs, running my martial arts school and raising two children, through the mindset training that Kung Fu has taught me.

There are literally hundreds of different styles of Kung Fu, taught in various provinces throughout China and Taiwan. The most famous of these styles are Tai Chi, Shaolin Kung Fu, Baguazhang and Xing Yi, although it would be impossible to name every style that is available to learn.


What is most important is finding a school that not only trains the traditional methods of Chinese martial arts, but that knows all of the applicable self-defence techniques for these styles and imparts the knowledge correctly.

Internal Energy refers to Qi (pronounced chee) which is cultivated through various training methods, such as breathing and visualisation.


The problem with many current schools that claim to teach internal martial arts, is that often the instructor will not be able to actively demonstrate the methods to cultivate internal power or use it in a real-life scenario. All Instructors at Wu Xing Dao can demonstrate power generation techniques, and have actual competition experience, using the techniques in combat scenarios. 


The power of Wu Xing Dao internal energy generation can be heard from across a room, and being struck by a practitioner of internal energy arts is both exciting and daunting. 

Many styles of Chinese Kung Fu are considered ‘hard styles’ but probably the most famous of these is Shaolin Kung Fu. The body conditioning methods of this style are legendary, and many examples can be found online of the raw strength that many of these Masters can demonstrate.