Terms & Conditions

This is your student enrolment agreement between Wu Xing Dao Kung Fu (the ‘school’) and you ‘the student’.


Agreement means this Student Enrolment Agreement between you (the ‘student’) and us (the ’school’).

Billing company means the company that you have authorised by signing the Direct Debit Request accompanying this agreement.

Course term means the duration of training you have chosen to complete in full. Until further notice or UFN means your course term is without end but that you have elected to give extended notice to cancel.

Us or we or the school means Wu Xing Dao Kung Fu

Student or you or your means the person entering into training at the school, or parent or guardian if student is under 18 years of age.

By signing the attached Student Enrolment Agreement You understand and agree that:

1. The school obligates itself to ensure all training is conducted by a competent instructor and that suitable facilities are provided for teaching lessons.

2. You are purchasing enrolment at this School for the students listed on this agreement only for the full term as defined by the selected course term.

3. Monthly instalments do not equate to a specific amount of lessons attended, rather, you have agreed to pay for the full course term in regular instalments over a set number of instalments. Your instalments continue monthly, including during scheduled school closure periods.

4. Enrolment provides the students with the opportunity to attend up to the specified number of classes weekly per the selected programme only.

5. Failure of the student to attend the appropriate number of lessons does not relieve you of your obligation to pay for the enrolment in full.

6. Your payment schedule is not affected by the lessons schedule and/or attendance of the students listed on this Agreement.

7. Any costs of collection incurred by the School or the billing company, including (without limitation) collection agency cost, court costs, solicitors fees on a solicitor/client basis, together with interest on the outstanding amounts at the rate allowed by the court from time to time and all other reasonable additional costs of recovery of the amount outstanding will be charged to you.

8. You hereby represent that:

8.1. The students listed are physically fit to receive and participate in the prescribed course of instruction.

8.2. You and the students listed will faithfully comply with all the rules and regulations of the School and the traditions of the Martial Arts.

9. You agree to receive updates and notification from us using, but not limited to, the following media – phone, email, text message, social media notification, and other methods we deem necessary.

Waiver and Indemnity

10. In all cases, you, the student, your executors, administrators, dependents and other personal representatives, hereby absolves and indemnifies the school and all their servants, agents, employees and other students or persons under the school control (the “indemnified”) from all liability howsoever arising for injury or damage (including but not limited to the students person, whether fatal or otherwise, property and personal belongings) however caused including by the negligence of the indemnified, arising out of or participating in Martial Arts or in connection with Martial Arts or in anyway caused by, or arising out of, any activity carried on by the indemnified.

11. You understand that the practice of martial arts is potentially dangerous.

12. You, agree to occupy and use the premises of the school at risk to yourself and all students on the agreement and release to full extent permitted by law the school, the schools instructors and its agents, servants, contractors and employees from all claims and demands of every kind in of or resulting from any accident or damage to property or injury or death while undertaking training in martial arts with the the school.

13. Any person training in Martial Arts, or in activities connected with Martial Arts or participating in any activity carried on by this school are only allowed to do so on the distinct understanding that they do so entirely at their own risk.

Notice of Consumer Rights

14. You may cancel this agreement without penalty or future obligation within the cooling off period of 7 (seven) days from the date this agreement was signed by you. Down payments shall be fully refunded, minus the cost of any lessons taken within the 7 days and the cost of any merchandise included in the course price (eg.Uniform/Gi).

15. Cancellation and any suspension/on hold request after the cooling off period requires 30 days notice. If you have paid in full for the term, this is non refundable if you decide to cancel your membership before the end of the term.

16. Notice of cancellation shall be in writing, provided by email to: internalkungfuonline@gmail.com

17. The billing company is not permitted to terminate this agreement.

18. The school may terminate your agreement and payments without notice.

19. If a student listed on this agreement becomes disabled or injured for at least 3 (three) months during the term, and that disability is confirmed in writing by a physician, you have the right to suspend or terminate this agreement with respect to that student without early termination fees or cancellation notice.

20. If a student listed on this agreement moves or changes residence to a location more than 30 (thirty) kilometres from the School, or any other School operated by the School Owner or it’s affiliates, you may be eligible for termination of this agreement with respect to the student involved, provided that you supply written evidence of the new permanent address and at least 30 (thirty) days advance written notice. In this instance the school has the right to elect that you transfer your training to an affiliate school if one exists.

21. Applications to suspend (HOLD) this Agreement will be considered according to the specific circumstances below.

21.1. Your payments with the billing company must be current and up to date.

21.2. Applications to suspend this Agreement must be submitted in writing to the School prior to the student/s absence.

21.3. Applications must be received 30 days prior to intended suspension, except in circumstances involving injury or illness, or in extreme unforeseen circumstances (as determined by the school – eg. bereavement).

21.4. Approval is at the sole discretion of the school.

22. If the School is closed for 4 consecutive weeks or more other than scheduled holiday closure periods, you are entitled to your choice of either an extension of the Agreement or prorated refund, except if the closing is not the fault of the facility; in which case the choice of remedy is the School’s.

Photo, Video, and Audio Release

23. You and the student agrees that the School may take photographs and may make video and audio material of Student’s classes and schools events, and that these materials may be used for display, promotion and/or advertising, or sold for profit, and the Student hereby waives any compensation to which they may otherwise be entitled for appearing in such materials.

24. Photographs posted to the schools social media sites become the property of the the school and you relinquish any rights to determine the use of said photographs.

Conditions of Use of the WU XING DAO Online Learning Academy

The Wu Xing Dao Online Learning academy is the sole property of Wu Xing Dao Kung Fu.

The content has been developed for educational use for current financial students engaged in martial arts training provided by Wu Xing Dao Kung Fu.

All content, including videos, educational material, logos, and intellectual property is protected by copyright.

At Home Safety Guidelines:

Check that you have sufficient space to practice.

Check there are no trip/slip or fall hazards (watch that coffee table!)

Check there are no objects you may fall on or come in contact with whilst training.

Check there are no sharp objects or hot surfaces near by.

Check there are no young children or pets near by.

Ensure you have sufficient lighting .

Ensure your camera/screen and other electrical appliances, including cables, are on a leveled surface and not in your training space causing a trip hazard.

Ensure the room has sufficient ventilation.

Ensure you have water to keep hydrated.

Seek medical advice before training if you have any existing injuries or other medical conditions.

Stop if you feel unwell, or experience any pain.

Young children require constant adult supervision whilst training, participating or observing.

Warm up fully prior to your lesson start time – ask if you are unsure – including a dynamic stretch (front, side, back).

Following your lesson, take time to stretch and cool-down.

Code of Conduct?

The Wu Xing Dao Kung Fu Code of Conduct applies to all students while participating in any live or online class or event.

Full ‘Dojo Etiquette’ is required at all times, when participating in live and online training with Wu Xing Dao Kung Fu.

Students participating in Live (for example ‘Zoom’ classes/calls) must wear full Wu Xing Dao Kung Fu branded uniform at all times, may not screen share until/unless requested to do so, and must mute their microphone until/unless asked to un-mute.

Any student behaving in an inappropriate or offensive way will be asked to leave the school.

By signing this form:

1. You agree to accept ALL risks and any liability for injury you may sustain whilst using the material provided in the platform.

2. You understand that you will use the platform in a safe and responsible way when following the programs provided in the platform.

3. You must ensure that the environment in which you train is clear of risks and/or other potential hazards.

Wu Xing Dao Kung Fu, it’s subsidiaries and franchises are not liable, nor will they accept any liability for any injury incurred whilst using this training platform.

Any person training in Martial Arts, or in activities connected with Martial Arts or participating in any activity carried on by this school are only allowed to do so on the distinct understanding that they do so entirely at their own risk.

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