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Little Dragons - Martial Art Classes for Children

When you are considering the best martial art for kids, the first and most important consideration is the school environment and the instructor’s experience level, not only in running a martial arts program but also in how well they interact with children.

As a father of two children myself, I know that your kids are your world, and their safety is of the utmost importance when participating in any activity. 

That is why all of the instructors at our school are of mature age and have many years of experience in martial arts training; they are great role models, and love sharing their passion for Kung Fu with the next generation of martial art superstars!

Our Little Dragons martial arts classes for kids are for ages 5 – 10 years and teach discipline, focus, teamwork and respect, in addition to practising self-defence techniques. 

Top Martial Arts Classes For Kids In Wyoming, Central Coast

Martial Arts are a great way to introduce children to physical and mental skills that assist in all aspects of their life. We all know how important focus, discipline and social skills are to a child’s development, in addition to physical fitness. 

We believe Wu Xing Dao Kung Fu to be the best martial arts school for kids on the Coast, as we ensure that our martial arts instructor has one on one time with every student in each lesson.

Unlike many of the larger schools in our local area, our focus isn’t on signing up as many new members as possible, with thirty or more children running amok in every martial arts class.

We prefer a smaller class environment so that the instructor can take the time to give assistance and support where needed, and ensure every kid has the opportunity to ask questions and get real-time feedback on their techniques.

We are confident you will find our training environment great for bringing out the best in your child, and that with time and practice you will see huge leaps in their awareness and social interactions with others.

How To Choose The Right Martial Art For Your Child

When your child joins our Little Dragons Martial Arts program they can expect to learn the following:

  • The importance of respect for fellow students and their instructor
  • Teamwork and inclusion, including partner and group exercises
  • Fundamental self-defence and spatial awareness skills
  • Fitness circuits to build strength and coordination 
  • Flexibility to increase range of motion, speed and balance
  • Mindset training and breathing techniques to calm the mind

Our Little Dragons curriculum encompasses a wide range of activities to nurture your kids’ personal growth.

We slowly build on each skill as they develop, and when they have mastered the techniques of each level we invite them to grade and demonstrate what they have learned. This is a great opportunity for parents to encourage their children and celebrate their progress, and for the child to learn the value of hard work and the rewards for showing commitment and discipline. This helps to build confidence, and prepare them for similar tests throughout their school and work life.

Enrol In Little Dragons Class NOW!

If you are searching for a martial arts discipline that will develop the physical and mental skills crucial for your child’s personal growth, we are confident you won’t find a better school than Wu Xing Dao Kung Fu.

Our program encompasses all of the values that make traditional martial arts the perfect environment for young and impressionable minds to grow. If you want your child to be mentored by a martial arts instructor who lives and breathes Kung Fu, and who is committed to the growth and development of every student, then you have found a great place to start. Click on the link below and get started today!

Little Dragons FAQs

I believe the most important aspect to consider when selecting your kid’s martial arts school is the instructor, known as a Sensei or Sifu. There are many different martial arts schools throughout the Central Coast, however, unfortunately, many of them are focused more on membership numbers and acquiring as many students as possible, rather than focusing on the quality of instruction.

I encourage you to visit a few schools yourself before making a decision and witness the training methods and environment for yourself. You will find that a lot of the young children’s classes are being taught by a ‘junior instructor’, who is often no older than 13 or 14 years old themselves, and who has been promoted to the grade of Black Belt and given the responsibility of mentoring and teaching.

I am a traditional martial artist and believe that to be reaching the level where you can be considered an instructor or master of martial arts requires a lifetime of practice and dedication.

This really depends on the maturity level of the child. I see many schools promoting kids classes for ages three and up, however being a father myself, and witnessing the developmental stages of my children first hand, I feel that at the age of three a child has not developed enough mentally, let alone physically, to begin their journey in martial arts.

Martial arts practice involves many mature concepts, and the attention span of a three-year-old is normally not good enough to keep them engaged for an entire lesson. This also means the possible disruption of class activities for students who are a little bit older, and who are able to focus their attention and follow instructions in class.

I normally start Little Dragons at our school from ages five and older, as their retention of information, focus, and ability to listen to advice and follow instructions is better at this age.

Although I have taught children from as young as four years of age, it really depends on the maturity level of the individual. To see if they are ready to participate it is easier to bring them in for a trial session, so we can gauge how well they listen and focus in class.

Whether you want to learn a striking art, submission techniques, wrestling or ground control, it is always best to learn your foundation from a qualified instructor. Wu Xing Dao Kung Fu has a unique curriculum that covers all aspects of martial arts and supports our students’ development both in class and with an online training portal, that provides detailed instruction so that a student can practise at home in-between lessons.

Every martial art focuses on the concepts of self-defence, however in my opinion the best schools focus on simple techniques that are easy to apply in real-life situations. The problem I see with a lot of modern schools of martial arts is that many do not actively practice sparring or partner drills at full speed, for fear of possible injury to a student. 

In my opinion, if the correct protective gear is worn, and the students are educated in the correct way to ensure they understand the dangers of applying self-defence techniques, there is minimal risk.

In this way, even if faced with the threat of real violence, a student will have the confidence to rely on their training and will be able to respond naturally and automatically when required.