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Course Transfer
Terms and Conditions

  1. Course Transfers are permitted within 7 days since course commencement.
  2. Course Transfer fees may apply and will be advised upon application.
  3. If an application for a transfer is successful, participants can transfer into a course of the same fee value. If the course you are transferring into is of a lesser value, a credit voucher will be issued. If the program you are transferring into is of a higher value, the difference in value will be payable.
  4. A tax invoice for the transfer fee and any outstanding balance will be issued and payable upon approval of the course transfer.
  5. Participants will not be eligible for a course transfer after 7 days.
  6. Only one (1) transfer is available
  7. No further discounts will apply to the course transferred into and
  8. Course Transfer will only be assessed if No video tutorials/lessons have been accessed, or supporting documentation downloaded from the current course enrolled.

Application Process

  • Course Transfer applications will be processed in accordance with Wu Xing Dao/Inner Energy Fitness Online Course Transfer Policy.
  • Processing time for course transfers are up to 7 days once the request has been lodged to Wu Xing Dao/Inner Energy Fitness Online Courses.
  • Credit vouchers/tax invoices will be issued within 7 days if there is a difference in the value of the current and prospective course. Credit vouchers are redeemable for future courses on our platform only, not redeemable for cash, and have a 12 month expiry period from issue date Administration fees apply.

Course Transfer Application

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