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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Our courses are delivered completely online via our Learning Management system.
All Course materials are supplied in an online environment.

Unless otherwise stated in the course description, course videos are available for viewing online, and may not be downloaded. Some printable support documents are available for download on our platform.

To study online with Wu Xing Dao/Inner Energy Fitness Online Courses you will need a computer (desktop PC/laptop) running a current/updated operating system with reliable high-speed internet access.

You will also need basic computer skills, such as typing, knowledge of how to navigate the Internet and be able to use word processing programs. There are no special software requirements, and everything you need to complete the course is provided online via our Learning Management System. (LMS)

Please note that we recommend the Chrome browser to access your course. If you do not have chrome, please go to https://www.google.com.au/chrome/ to download.

Enrolment is easy! Click Add to Cart and follow the simple steps. If you still need further assistance or have further questions, you can contact us anytime.

When you are enrolled into a course with multiple units, you will need to complete them in the order outlined as per the course guidelines.

The reason we structure the course sequentially is that prior knowledge of certain fundamental skills is required, before moving on to more advanced techniques within our system.

The lessons are structured as building blocks, slowly layering each learned technique with the next, ensuring a deep understanding of the mechanics involved, to provide the best possible learning outcomes.

If your chosen course is a part of the Wu Xing Dao Grading Curriculum, assessment will consist of written answers demonstrating your understanding of the exercises, using short answer questions.

These answers will need to be submitted along with supporting video uploads by the student, demonstrating the techniques effectively. There are no due dates for submission of the assessment, however online access to the course materials will usually be provided for 12 months from date of commencement.

As a result, you can complete training in your own time and at your own pace, even after the online course materials are no longer available to view online, should you wish to have a longer period to perfect your techniques, prior to submitting your demonstration videos for assessment.
Once your written and video assessments have been uploaded to our platform, an accredited Wu Xing Dao instructor will view the content, and determine whether you have successfully demonstrated the skills required to attain a Certificate of Attainment, or Grading Certificate (if applicable)

On each course page, we state an approximate number of practice hours required to complete the course. However, we offer twelve (12) months’ access to each course purchased, with extensions available upon application.

We accept a wide range of payment methods:
Paypal, Visa, MasterCard
Direct Deposit

After successfully submitting your enrolment via our website you will be given online access to your course upon receipt of your full payment. Enrolment processing times will vary with your payment method.

Credit Card: 60 minutes within business hours. Outside business hours 2-24 hours.
BPAY: Within three (2) business days.
Internet Banking: Within two (3) business days.

Professionally designed Martial Arts programs that are well structured, explain the methods in detail, using multiple camera angles to ensure understanding;

Study online, anywhere via our Learning Management System (LMS);

No prior Martial Arts knowledge or entry requirements;

All course materials provided online – no in class instruction or ongoing monthly fees required;

Easy to understand course content, broken down into individual modules that teach the required skills in a step by step approach 12 months’ access with extensions available upon application;

Certificate of Attainment/Completion and Grading Certificate (if applicable)

At Wu Xing Dao we pride ourselves on having very detailed instruction of our Martial Arts and Qigong methods, and are confident that our training videos are structured in a way that will be easily understood.

Having said that, if you have a question relating to the materials, your accredited instructors are available to provide guidance and feedback, and will typically respond by email, or if required, video tutorials specific to the problem you are facing.

You can contact them via our website, or via email. Our Facebook support Group is also designed for members who have bought our online courses, and are seeking feedback from other students who may have fadditional questioins, or who have faced similar challenges when learning the techniqes of our system.

Occasionally students are unable to view PDF files on Apple Mac and iPads. This is a common problem with Apple products and there are several steps you can take to fix this problem.

Update your version of Adobe Reader.
Configure your computer/device to open Adobe Reader.
Right click on the file and save to a location on your computer. Navigate to the location where you saved the file to open the PDF

Occasionally due to routine maintenance, our elearning website may not be available. However, we aim to keep interruptions to a minimum.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please contact us.

Yes! You will receive a Certificate of Attainment upon successful completion of your course (e-certificate, emailed to the address registered on the Learning Management System (LMS) platform.

Please ensure that you have uploaded your demonstration videos for assessment, and allow a timeframe of 30 days from submission to receive confirmation of completion and attached certification.

Yes! We accept enrolments from individuals both within Australia and internationally; location is no barrier to entry into our programs.
Overseas students will have access to the same level of support that students in Australia enjoy, including feedback on submitted assessments by video/email, and access to our Facebook support Group for existing members.