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Martial Arts Classes Gosford

Are you starting your martial arts journey and looking forward to putting yourself to the ultimate test? Our Martial Arts classes Gosford is the best in Central Coast. Staffed by experienced martial art teachers, we are a team of martial arts enthusiasts and instructors.

Gosford Martial Arts Classes

We have designed several classes designed and optimised for different demographics. Importantly, we focus on our students’ martial arts progression and fitness at all stages. Whether you’re a 4-year old starting out in martial arts or a black belt holder, we have a program for you.
Our internal Kung Fu Gosford program caters to the self-defence and fitness needs of adults aged 12 years and older. While undertaking this program, you learn simple and effective self-defence methods and techniques, weapons training, and sparring. On the fitness front, internal Kung Fu improves your form, conditioning, and stretching.
Held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, these classes are designed for kids aged between 4 and 12 years for all fitness levels. The Little Dragons program offers a great way of introducing your kids to physical exercises while developing their social skills and mental skills such as discipline.
Our Qigong Gosford program uses low-impact and gentle exercises to help participants increase awareness of their energy systems, relax their muscles, relieve stress, and increase their bodies’ oxygen and blood circulation.

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While martial arts offer an excellent means of getting fit, it pays to have an experienced instructor. In our martial arts Gosford studio, we focus on helping individuals of all ages attain fitness, improve their health, and increase their mental fortitude.
Learn how martial arts in an environment that’s designed to enhance your experience. Learn martial arts from expert martial art enthusiasts.