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Martial ArtsAre martial arts suitable for all ages?

11 November 2023by Grant Mundy0

Martial arts can help anybody, regardless of their age. Of course, with a couple of caveats. The older that you are when you start martial arts, the more that you’re going to have to understand that your body’s going to take time to adapt. And just like any challenging sport, when you start out, you’re probably going to be sore, particularly if you starting later on in life and you really need to to focus on working at a pace that’s natural for you.

You can’t expect to jump in with someone who might have been doing martial arts for years or might be 20 to 30 years younger than you and expect to be able to keep up. Having said that, one thing I love about Kung Fu is that as I got older and as I progressed, I’m actually getting better. I’m getting faster.

I’m feeling more dynamic. My timing’s better, my power is increasing. And whilst I may be losing some of that raw physical strength that I may have had when I was 20 to 30 years old anymore Prime I still feel that I can easily keep up with people 20 years younger than me and in fact in most cases run rings around them because I’m a smarter martial artist now than when I started out 20 years ago.

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