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Meihuaquan – The Plum Blossom Fist

Meihuaquan is an ancient Chinese Martial Art, which can be traced back as far as the Shang Dynasty (1600BC- 1046BC). Please click above to learn more today!

A Beginners Guide to Qigong

A gentle practice that can help to improve focus, immunity, balance, and coordination, with simple to learn movements that can be done by anyone, regardless of fitness level.

What is Silk Reeling?

The Chinese base this term off the fact that silk is one of the lightest, softest and yet strongest materials on the planet, based on weight when under tension.

Is Kung Fu effective for fighting or self defence?

In recent years Kung Fu has come under scrutiny as a martial art that is 'useless' for self defence or in ring combat, as several so called Masters of Tai Chi and other Chinese styles have been challenged and easily defeated by MMA Fighters. As an instructor and avid practitioner of Traditional Chinese Internal Arts, I would like to share my views on the subject.

Martial Arts Demonstration Day – 17th July 2021: 10am – 2pm

To celebrate FIVE YEARS our School has been open on the Central Coast, we are holding a free event at our school in Wyoming, our Martial Arts Demonstration Day, which will be held on Saturday the 17th of July 2021.

Is Meditation the Holy Grail for health?

I get what you are already thinking. There are WAY too many things in life to do to waste time sitting on your butt with your eyes closed!