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13 April 2022by Grant Mundy0

Do you want to begin martial art classes, but are afraid you might not be up to standard? Don’t worry! We have martial art classes at Wu Xin Dao Kung Fu, even for adult beginners. 

But, I’m too old to take a martial art class? No, you’re not! 

You are never old to take a sport that will exercise both the body and mind. World-renowned and respected martial artists like Chuck Norris and Michelle Yeoh didn’t start their martial arts careers until they were adults.

Disregarding your age, martial arts practices such as Muay Thai, punching and kicking, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu will undoubtedly benefit your body. We will discuss the significant factors for adult martial artists to consider when signing up for their martial arts classes. In addition, we will shed light on some of the benefits you will enjoy from taking martial arts training. Read on to learn more!

What Is the Ideal Age to Begin Martial Arts Classes?

There is no such thing as the best age to start training in martial arts. It all depends on your goals and reasons for undertaking the training. Martial arts involve many body activities such as punching and kicking, making flexibility a critical factor in full training.

If you want to take your martial arts training to compete in martial arts competition, then the best time to start your workout is just before your teenage years. However, you can begin training at any age if you only seek it for enjoyment and to keep your body fit.

Benefits of Practising Martial Arts

Practising martial arts provides fitness not just to the body but also to the mind and spirit. The various martial arts practices provide practitioners with a wide range of health benefits. First, it aids flexibility, especially for adult practitioners. Since adults should stretch more to enhance mobility, martial arts such as Kung Fu and Taekwondo will significantly stretch the joints to improve the stability required in the sport.

Moreover, martial arts are great for cardio workouts. A high intense martial arts training session burns calories just like jogging while building strength. The best thing about most martial arts practices is that they involve every significant part of the body, i.e., the legs, core, and butt.

Martial Arts for Adults

Lastly, practising martial arts also boosts your confidence as you learn how your body moves while pushing it beyond limits you never before thought possible. It also establishes further mental and emotional health. Scientifically, practising martial arts has been proven to improve the practitioner’s memory.

Different Martial Arts Classes for Adults

There are various martial arts forms to choose from, but there are certain practices that are a lot more suitable for the elderly. High impact disciplines such as Mixed Martial Arts are pretty demanding, and they usually result in serious injuries, even to young practitioners, so are not really recommended for those getting on in years. 

If you are looking for a safe but more dynamic form of martial arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the best to practice. This martial arts discipline involves a lot of groundwork to offer a high-intensity workout to strengthen the entire body while improving mobility. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu serves as an excellent introduction to other grappling martial arts forms, and it is less impactful than most martial arts practices.

In addition, older adults can easily practice Tai Chi, a form of soft martial arts that comprises numerous flowing movements that are mindfully executed. The practice pushes its practitioners to focus on their present moments while cultivating mindful awareness. The method is also compatible with other forms of hard martial arts, such as Karate.

Learn Martials At Wu Xin Dao

Practising martial arts is essential to keep one’s body and mind healthy. There is no specific age at which to start your martial arts journey, especially if your main aim is to keep fit and flexible. Taking martial arts classes will help relax both your body and mind while improving your cardio health. However, older adult martial arts practitioners should avoid hard martial arts such as MMA as they can result in pretty serious injuries.

At Wu Xin Dao Kung Fu, we have martial arts classes for different age groups tailored to train individuals according to their mental development and maturity levels. Our courses also ensure that every student is safe and free from serious injuries. Hurry to enrol and book a slot at Wu Xin Dao Kung Fu.

Please call us today on 0410 249 217 or leave a message and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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