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What is Silk Reeling?

The Chinese base this term off the fact that silk is one of the lightest, softest and yet strongest materials on the planet, based on weight when under tension.

A Beginners Guide to Tai Chi

Is running outdoors better than running on a treadmill? There are arguments for the effectiveness of both, but outdoors has my vote, and here are the reasons why

Is Kung Fu effective for fighting or self defence?

In recent years Kung Fu has come under scrutiny as a martial art that is 'useless' for self defence or in ring combat, as several so called Masters of Tai Chi and other Chinese styles have been challenged and easily defeated by MMA Fighters. As an instructor and avid practitioner of Traditional Chinese Internal Arts, I would like to share my views on the subject.

Parents and Teen Class

We have launched a new class for teenagers and parents on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 5pm, for Students who would like to train alongside their Dad or Mum, a great way to share in a common interest, and enjoy quality time together!