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16 March 2021by Grant Mundy0

A great way to bond and reach your health and fitness goals is to train alongside your kids, our new Parents and Teens class is very popular!

Keeping fit, learning new skills and having fun as a family is always a plus!

We have launched a new class for teenagers and parents on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 5pm, for Students who would like to train alongside their Dad or Mum, a great way to share in a common interest, and enjoy quality time together!

We believe that Martial Arts can further strengthen the bond between a parent and their child, especially at an age where they begin to become adults themselves.

At this delicate age, many children are faced with many of life’s new challenges, including a larger sense of responsibility, an opportunity to be more autonomous, and an inevitable increase in hormones, which often drives impulsive behaviour, a sense of adventure, and risk taking tendencies, in an attempt to carve out their own identity as they mature.

This is a time where having a trusting and close relationship is vital for a parent, so a teenager feels supported during this time.

Although Martial Arts can also be an individual pursuit, by connecting with your child through a physical and mental discipline like Kung Fu, you can further support their goals, surround them with other motivated, determined and like minded individuals, and provide them a way to take out aggression and frustration in a safe environment.

As a parent myself, I dread to think of the day when my children will no longer be as excited to spend time with me as much as they do their friends.

I can only hope that by showing them my dedication to Martial Arts, I will inspire them with the great benefits the practice has had in improving my own quality of life, and encourage them to continue training along side me as they grow up.

Having children has been an absolute blessing for me, as I now have a greater appreciation for the challenges we as parents face every day, in trying to ensure our kids grow up to be confident, trustworthy and responsible adults themselves.

I feel a practice like Kung Fu provides a wonderful platform to help this vision succeed, and I have already seen the awesome benefits for my students who train together in our Parents and Teens Class.

Give it a go yourself and see if our program can help you too!

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