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12 August 2022by Grant Mundy0

Fa’jing translates as a ‘sudden release of force’ or ‘explosive power’ and is a term that is often used as it pertains to internal martial arts.

One of the most common displays of this is found in forms such as Chen Tai Chi, where gentle and rhythmic flowing movements are punctuated with sudden bursts of power issuance, known as fa’jing.

Following the principles of Ying and Yang, Tai Chi is built around the concept of the relationship between these two forces, with Yin represented by soft, subtle energy and slow and graceful movement, and Yang embodied within moments of blistering speed and sudden explosive force.

The dynamic nature of internal martial arts styles is that they are always designed to be harmonious in nature, therefore each movement is developed with this in mind, allowing a practitioner to accumulate and store energy during the slow phases of movement, and release this stored energy during more vigorous parts of the form.

What is Fa'jing?

It is easy to feel the demand that spontaneous bursts of energy put on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and therefore practitioners will likely appreciate the ebb and flow of an art like Tai Chi, and understand why it is impossible for a form that takes over 3 minutes to complete to all be done at an extreme speed, whilst maintaining perfect alignment and focus.

Through many years of practice I have started to develop a deeper understanding of the benefits of not only the purely physical characteristics of training, such as improved coordination and balance, better reaction time, lower resting heart rate, and greater flexibility, I also now appreciate the art on a deeper energetic level, clearly feeling the Qi moving throughout my body as I practice the movements, both the slow wave of energy that permeates the gentle sections of the form and the sudden surge of raw power felt when emitting fa’jing.

What is Fa'jing?

All internal arts share these traits, and with time and practice, anyone, no matter their natural talent, can experience the amazing feeling of internal energy coursing through their body whilst practising.

This is a major factor in why I have become a lifelong devotee to internal arts, as I believe they provide an insight far deeper into ourselves and our inner potential than most types of physical training.

All five of the internal styles we practice focus on using the body in the most efficient way possible, reducing demand on the muscles and the heart even during more intense practice, by teaching the practitioner to understand the economy of movement and how to follow momentum rather than fighting it.

I encourage everyone interested in health, longevity and self-defence to give internal martial arts a try, as not only will these styles help you to find an easier way to move, but also provide a platform where you can improve in skill, speed and power as you age, rather than feeling the inevitable onset of father time, as your bodies muscles, tendons and sinew’s decline as you age.

At forty-two years young I can honestly say I feel more focused, powerful and faster than I was in my twenties and thirties, when most men are considered to have reached their physical peak.

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