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3 April 2023by Grant Mundy0

Martial arts origins, it would be very hard to define, because I believe every culture, regardless of how far you go back in time, would have some kind of military or combat training. Martial arts is really an evolution of that. Back before there were things like gunpowder, guns and bombs, everyone defended themselves with their hands, feet, and weapons.

So the reality is, if you go back far enough in time, ancient civilizations like the Romans, they had a martial arts system. They had gladiator combat. The Greeks, they had Pankration and wrestling. The Chinese had traditional kung fu and internal martial arts and the Indians as well. No matter how far back you go in time, every single nation would have a type of practice that are used in times of war and under threat so that the history of martial arts goes far to.

The history of martial arts has no definable origin or one center or creation. Although if you go back far enough, I believe obviously Chinese internal martial arts and Chinese culture have a history of martial arts that date back 4000 years.

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