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Alcohol, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

Small amounts of alcohol have shown to be beneficial for health, but just how much is really considered healthy? Please click above to learn more today!

RECIPE: Healthier Chicken Caesar Salad

A favourite salad that is often found on restaurant menus, but questionable from a healthy eating perspective, this recipe is a healthier alternative. Read more!

Healthy Vegetarian Nachos

The word “habit” usually conjures up images of negative things like smoking or nail biting, but the definition of “habit” is a regular tendency or practice, especially one that's hard to give up.

RECIPE: Sweet Potato Hash

1. Wash & cut the sweet potato into uneven chunks about 2cm in size. Do not peel the sweet potato. 2. Drizzle some olive oil into a frying pan and throw in your sweet potato chunks.

Serving Sizes – The easy way to measure portions

A gentle practice that can help to improve focus, immunity, balance, and coordination, with simple to learn movements that can be done by anyone, regardless of fitness level.

RECIPE: Nasi Goreng

My Nasi Goreng recipe has no chilli because not everyone enjoys spicy food. If you feel like adding a little extra flavour, put some chilli in with the garlic!

RECIPE: Healthier Banana Bread

This recipe is pretty easy if you're too busy to cook it with pots and pans. My kids love it! You won't regret shoving this in your mouth. I promise.

4 Reasons to Shop Local!

Eating locally doesn’t just benefit the environment through lowering transport and storage of the food we consume, but it has some nutritional benefits as well. Not only are you lowering your carbon footprint on mother earth and putting more money into the pockets of our local farmers, but you are also benefiting your health and wellbeing as well!

Food is Your Biggest Weight Loss Ally!

ing a well-balanced diet, rich in whole, lean proteins, vegetables, a couple of serves of fruit a day and 1 to 2 serves of grains per day will provide your body with the essential nutrients required to function adequately. When your body is functioning at it’s best, you will be more likely to reach your goal weight and sustain it.

RECIPE: Carrot and Beetroot Slaw

This recipe is a fantastic side dish or great to take to parties when you're kind of stuck for ideas. Healthy and packed full of antioxidants, this is a great salad alternative!