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1 March 2021by Grant Mundy0

Four Tips to Stay Focused on YOUR Fitness Journey

Goal Setting is the most important step to ensure consistency

1. Goal Setting

If you don’t set yourself (realistic) goals, you are basically wandering aimlessly through your fitness journey, wondering what on earth you’re doing, right?

Surely you want to work towards something? Whether it is weight loss, muscle gain, increasing strength or even just to feel amazing, having more energy every day would be great wouldn’t it?

When you’re setting goals, give yourself a time frame such as “I want to lose 10 kilos before my friends wedding day”, instead of the generic “I want to lose weight” thought process… and be precise. How many kilos? By when? Break it up into smaller goals i.e. losing one kilo per month etc.

2. Have a Positive Attitude

Instead of treating fitness like a chore, put steps in place to make it something you will look forward to each day.
I find that once you get into your groove, exercise becomes addictive (I can think of worse things to be addicted to)… so if you find a type of exercise you really enjoy and keep pushing yourself to do it even on those days you where your motivation is lacking, soon enough you’ll start to crave that sweet endorphin release and sense of satisfaction from hitting your fitness goals!
It often helps when you are not facing your journey alone, so perhaps join a group fitness class, or take up Martial Arts or Yoga, and involve some friends to help keep you accountable!

3. Why are YOU Doing This?

Always remember why you started. Every year I create an action plan for myself of all the goals I have for that year.
Though not all my yearly goals are fitness related, I find that having my action plan in place, it encourages me to keep going and strive towards my goals. In the last few years that I’ve put an action plan in place, I’ve actually smashed every single goal I’ve had… but before I started using this practice, I’d lose sight of my goals and they never ended up being achieved.
The most important thing to remember is that investing in your health and fitness should not feel like a burden, but an essential and exciting part of your life!

4. Reap the Benefits!

I think all of us already know the many benefits of a regular exercise routine will have on our quality of life, but it is always helpful to remember during those difficult sessions. To name but a few:
  1. A sense of accomplishment

  2. Improved mood and reduced stress

  3. Greater cardiovascular fitness

  4. Better quality of sleep at night

  5. Stronger immune system

  6. Enhanced cognitive function

  7. Ability to keep up with the kids

  8. More energy for a busy lifestyle

  9. Improved physical appearance

  10. Less degenerative health issues

Just these few points are more than enough to get motivated and keep going!
Hopefully this blog will give you some insight into why I have chosen to make health and fitness a big part of my life, I have opened my own fitness and Martial Arts gym on the Central Coast so that I can be around other highly motivated individuals, that will help to encourage and support me on my own journey towards a happier, healthier life.
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